Sunday - 9:30 and 11:00 AM Worship | Wednesday - 7:00 PM worship

Get ready for a summer of science and miracles!

Join us this summer on Wednesday nights at 7:00 as we look at the order with which God created the world and how HE alone can act outside of that order. We will be studying many Old Testament miracles and getting messy with scientific experiments. 


God loves kids! As followers of Jesus we take that fact very seriously in the way we approach our Ministry at Chestnut Ridge Church.

We see each child as a person, not just part of the crowd, and we believe each person is a vital part of the church no matter their age or ability.

It is our goal in KidzTown to help you as you disciple your children. We are here to assist in the construction of a solid Biblical foundation for every person's faith. Whether you bring your family on Sunday morning or Wednesday night you can be sure that the programs we have in place are designed to teach Biblical truth in a lasting way.

Temporary Nursery and Preschool wellness policy:

Dear KidzTown Parents,

The recent restrictions due to Covid19 has driven us to seek out new ways to glorify God where we live, work and play. That is as it should be! As Christians we should always be looking up and forward with our hearts set on seeking God’s will in our present circumstances, whatever they may be.

The developments in the last few months have also given us reason to take a serious look at our child health and safety policies. We want you to know that your child’s safety is our deep concern. We are always looking at ways to improve life in KidzTown both spiritually and physically, and we need your cooperation to achieve positive results.

Continually seeking the guidance of the Lord in the life of our church, we would like to resume offering KidzTown activities during 11:00 Sunday worship and Wednesday night Bible study. We will also re-launch our Sunday School program on May 2, 2021. In order to do that we are implementing some important changes in how we care for babies and kids. Please understand that these new policies are not meant to be a burden to you, but rather to be assured that we are taking every reasonable measure to ensure the safety of our volunteers and the children in our care.

Please review the new Nursery and Preschool volunteer and parent responsibilities prior to dropping children off in KidzTown. The same measures will be taken for older children. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

In His service,

Barbara Powell

Responsibility of Volunteers in KidzTown:

Volunteers on duty will be the only adults authorized to remain in KidzTown during the service.

Volunteers must self-check for fever before arrival. A temperature of 100.4 or greater is indicative of illness, but if a volunteer has any fever, we ask that they seek a replacement for that rotation.

Volunteers are to wash their hands immediately upon arrival in the nursery, and wash/sanitize hands as frequently as necessary. Handwashing is especially important after helping a child dry their tears, their nose or after helping them in the restroom.

Volunteers are requested to sanitize any toys that were used during their rotation once the children leave, or immediately after a child has had a toy in his mouth. All surfaces should also be sprayed with Lysol after the children leave.

Volunteers should only change a diaper if it is soiled, being sure to use gloves and wash their hands thoroughly after a change occurs. Changing station must be sanitized after each use.

Parent Responsibilities:

Parents please ensure that no one in your household presents with a fever before dropping children off in KidzTown.

Please be sure to check in and out. There are check-in stations located at both entrances to KidzTown. You will check out by presenting your sticker to the volunteer on duty in your child's classroom.

If you child is training on the toilet or already trained, please help them use the restroom and wash their hands before entering the nursery or preschool room. KidzTown restrooms will be available and cleaned between each service. (No child will ever be denied use of the restroom, but children need parental guidance regarding personal hygiene now more than ever.)

KidzTown volunteers for that week are to be the only adults inside the nursery or classrooms.

Food, liquids, and toys from home will not be permitted in KidzTown until further notice. Diaper bags will not be necessary, diapers and wipes will be supplied by the church until the risk of Covid19 infection is diminished.

You can download a copy of the policy for your records by clicking this link.

NUrsery: Babies -twos

Our church nursery, affectionately known as Monkey Junction, is available during the 9:30 Sunday School hour, the 11:00 service on Sunday and the 7:00 service on Wednesday. Infants through 2-year-olds are welcome to come in and stay while their parents enjoy the worship service.
In Monkey Junction we focus on learning to love Jesus as we play.
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Preschool: 3 and 4 year olds

Our preschoolers, the Puggles, are welcome in KidzTown Wednesday at 7:00pm as well as during the 9:30 Sunday School hour and the 11:00am Sunday service.  Our focus in Puggles is learning to love God and our neighbor as we play together. We will read about how God uses ordinary peopole to accomplish extrordinary things.
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Sunday School - Post Covid relaunce in process

Sunday School classes will soon resume! Stay informed by checking here and on Facebook @ridgekids for details as they are announced. "Like" our Facebook page to be alerted when new information is posted.

Sunday School in KidzTown is an in-depth bible study that pulls the Old Testament and the New Testament together to show us the big picture of God's perfect plan of salvation.
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"shine" worship 11:00

When Kids, Kindergarden through 2nd grade, join us in "SHINE" they will worship together through music, giving, Bible teaching and activities while parents participate in the 11:00 adult worship service. 

It's "BIG CHURCH" for little people!

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At 7:00 each Wednesday evening we meet for worship and our TruthSeekers Bible Study.
TruthSeekers is a two year program that answers all of life's big questions.
Who is God? Why did HE create us? What is sin? Why did Jesus die on a cross? And so much more!
The lessons we have on Wednesdays are preceded by 5 brief family devotionals that will be made available for you to do together at home.
Every 10 weeks or so we will use what we have learned to play TruthSeekers Jeopardy in the worship center!
Wednesday is everyone's favorite day!

Click Here for a copy of the registration form.

Click Here for Devotional Materials.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide the children and families of our church and our community with True Teaching about God, His Son Jesus, His Holy Spirit, and His plan for salvation.
We will strive to provide them with an example of True Living as we demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit during our time together.
We pray they will experience and learn to show True Loving as the Lord Jesus intended when he said, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35
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